7 business segments.

1 company.

C.A.R.FIT is providing a rich selection of consumables for the car repair business.

Its main products are:


  • Putties
  • Fillers
  • Clearcoats
  • Equipment
  • Masking Tapes

Please visit the C.A.R.FIT website for further information.

RedHotDot provides professional welding and bodywork equipment.

Its main products are:


  • Welders
  • Spotter
  • Dent equipment

Please visit the RedHotDot website for further information.

Trommelberg provides professional equipment for your service station.

Its main products are:


  • Lifts (2-post, 4-post, scissor)
  • Wheel Service & Alignment
  • Exhaust Extraction
  • Vehicle System Service
  • Jacks, Cranes, Stands
  • Body Repairs

Please visit the TROMMELBERG website for further information.


With our upmarket GRADIENT range, Trommelberg has specialised in the business of Paint spray & baking Equipment:


  • Spraybooth
  • Preparation Areas
  • Mixing Room
  • Infrared Dryers

Please visit the TROMMELBERG website for further information.


Betacord is a specialist in Abrasives.

Its main products are:

  • Abrasive Disks
  • Abrasive Strips
  • Vlies Abrasives
  • Backing Pads
  • Sanding Blocks
  • Interface Pads
  • Dust Extraction Hoses



Zauber air is a source for high quality filters for spray booths.

Its products are:

  • Pre-Filters
  • Ceiling Filters
  • Floor Filters




HUBERTH is the specialist for the product group of sprayguns.

Its main products are:


  • Spray Guns HVLP/LVLP
  • Blow Guns
  • Air Compressors
  • Grinder Kits
  • Pneumatic Sanders
  • 1.3 - 1.7 mm Nozzles